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Water Lubricated Variable Frequency Oil-Free Air Compressor

Water Lubricated Variable Frequency Oil-Free Air Compressor

GESO Water lubricated variable frequency oil-free air compressor Purchase a customized oil-free single screw air end symmetrical structure and return hole Settings, so that the radial and axial forces generated by the single screw compressor are balanced, so that the host runs smoothly under low load and extends the service life. Using water as a medium for compression sealing and cooling, effectively reducing the cost of use. GESO is a global manufacturer and supplier of screw air compressors. We are engaged in air separation system equipment for many years, and are committed to the research and production of air compressor systems. We can customize non-standard products and have a good price advantage. Our products cover the whole world. We look forward to being your long-term partner.

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You can rest assured to buy high quality customized and well known Oillube-And-Oilfree-Screw-Air-Compressor made in China from our factory. Gesosystems® is a professional China Oillube-And-Oilfree-Screw-Air-Compressor manufacturer and supplier.
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