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Dry Oil-Free Compressor
  • Dry Oil-Free CompressorDry Oil-Free Compressor
  • Dry Oil-Free CompressorDry Oil-Free Compressor
  • Dry Oil-Free CompressorDry Oil-Free Compressor

Dry Oil-Free Compressor

Geso Dry oil-free compressor:Wear-free sealing system with stainless steel spring-loaded metal ring on the air side and copper labyrinth seal on the lubricant side, using both without contact. Geso is a global manufacturer and supplier of screw air compressors. We are engaged in air separation system equipment for many years, and are committed to the research and production of air compressor systems. We can customize non-standard products and have a good price advantage. Our products cover the whole world. We look forward to being your long-term partner.

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Geso Dry oil-free compressor is well-designed and manufactured, using a two-stage compression host that is oil-free and water-free, making compressed air more environmentally friendly, stable, and energy-saving.

Dry Two-stage Air End

■ Original GESO/GHH air end, the first stage of the Air End casing adopts air cooling method, the second stage casing compartment adopts filtered lubricating oil cooling, avoiding the generation of scale and reliable operation.

■ The secondary rotor is specially coated  for corrosion resistance. The rotor and the inner wall of the compression chamber are coated with a sturdy coating to prevent corrosion and coating peeling off and to extend the service life of the main unit.

Asynchronous motor

■ Brand bearings, IP54 protection level, F class insulation level, suitable for large dust, high temperature and other harsh working conditions.

■ IE3 high energy motor, use less electricity, save cost.

■ Motor large margin design, large starting torque, to meet a variety of working conditions.

Silent Centrifugal Fans

■ Adopting centrifugal fan, new design of separated radial cooling fan, high air pressure, low noise, with special cooler, better effect.

■ Adopting frequency conversion fan control, the oil temperature is constant and unchanged, prolonging the service life of lubricating oil.

■ Due to high wind pressure, coolers and filters are not easily blocked.

Intelligent Electronic Control System

■ Intelligent control system with good human- machine communication inter face.

■ Comprehensive detection of the operating  status of the unit by multi-channel pressure sensors and multi-channel temperature  sensors, intelligent program control of  machine operation.

■ Configuration of the Internet of Things, cell phone can be real-time view of the operating status of the unit, without the

■ need for a person on-site supervision.Cell phones and computers can display dynamic images, easy to perate, and create a digital, intelli gent alr compressor station for users.

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