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Development History

  • 1871

    The British head office was established as "BAE MARCONI ELETRONIC SYSTEMS",located in the United Kingdom.London,the same year the development and production of the first reciprocating compressor products,dedicated to the field of industrial gases research and development.

  • 1910

    The company's main business was expanded to multiple fields:air compressors,nitrogen/oxygen air separation equipment,Integrated Electronic products,to the company's core products research and development of single-cylinder reciprocating air compressor technology and mass production.

  • 1999

    Established "BAE GESO SYSTEMS LTD" and developed the first twinscrew air compressor.GESO SYSTEMS was established as a brand name for shrinking machines.2000 The company developed and produced the first dry Type oil-free screw air compressor into the market,which was widely used in European medical treatment, Food,electronics industry.

  • 2000

    The company developed and produced the first dry oil-free screw air compressor into the market,and is widely used in the European medical,food and electronics industries.

  • 2002

    BAE Group set up a representative office in China, products from the United Kingdom production after the original import of the whole machine equipment for the Chinese market.We have expanded and successfully entered the Chinese aerospace.

  • 2006

    China's provincial capital cities to build a total of 26 after-sales service operation network,the full deployment of aftersales service system,rapid response and to protect the user's experience.

  • 2016

    Established a warehousing and logistics center in Shanghai,China,to ensure the timely supply of complete machines and spare parts for the Chinese market.

  • 2018

    The British BAE Group registered and established "Shanghai Geso systems industrial PLC" in China and set up a compressor assembly plant in Shanghai,China at the same time, with a registered capital of 11 million US dollars.

  • 2021-3

    Invested and established"Jiangsu Geso Equipment Co,Ltd."and set up a nitrogen/oxygen air separation equipment sales company in Suzhou,and in the same year,set up the second-phase annual output of 300 sets of nitrogen/oxygen equipment in the Shanghai factory,and set up the R&D and production of nitrogen/oxygen control and separation equipment.

  • 2021-9

    In the same year,we set up the second phase of the project of 300 sets of nitrogen/oxygen equipment in Shanghai factory to increase the R&D and production of nitrogen/oxygen control equipment.

  • 2022

    Invested in the establishment of "Shanghai Geso Energy Equipment Co,Ltd." and in the country's provincial capitals of the original part of the office was registered as a branch to complete the production of Separate sales and realize the efficiency and convenience of national market development and service.

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