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The role of water injection air compressor


First, why do you need compressor water injection?

Compressor water injection is a common protective measure commonly used in equipment such as air compressors and steam turbines. During the use of the compressor, a lot of heat will be generated due to mechanical wear, friction and gas compression, which will lead to overheating or even damage to the equipment. In this case, water injection can help reduce temperature and friction, thereby improving the performance and life of the equipment.

Second, what is the role of compressor water injection?

1. Reduce the temperature: When the compressor is running, the temperature will gradually rise, too high temperature will lead to equipment failure. Water injection can reduce the temperature by absorbing heat, thus protecting the equipment. At the same time, the water can also help cool the gas, further reducing the temperature of the equipment.

2. Reduce friction: there will be friction between parts in the compressor, and too much friction will lead to increased equipment wear. Water injection can create a thin film lubrication layer between components, reducing friction and thus extending the service life of the equipment.

3. Improve efficiency: Water injection can maintain humidity inside the compressor and provide gas sealing. This can improve system efficiency and reduce energy consumption.

Three, how to water compressor?

Water injection can be divided into two ways: one is to directly add fresh water or distilled water; The other is through the equipment comes with the water injection pump to achieve. When using, it is necessary to note that the water injection should be just right, too much or too little will have a negative impact on the equipment.

Fourth, how to ensure the compressor water injection effect?

In order to ensure the effect of water injection of the compressor, it is necessary to check the water injection of the equipment regularly. If insufficient water is found, it should be replenished in time. At the same time, it is necessary to ensure the quality of water injection, use high-quality clean water or distilled water, and avoid the use of tap water with impurities.

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