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What impact does the "carbon peak action plan" have on the compressor industry?


Recently, the State Council issued the notice of the State Council on printing and distributing the action plan for carbon peak by 2030. As a general mechanical equipment with wide application, high energy consumption and many related industries, the compressor is not only directly named and regulated in the scheme, but also the development trend of many application industries has changed, which will have positive and negative effects. Next, we will make a brief analysis on the impact of key application fields of compressor and changes in the prospect of new market and new technology on the compressor industry for reference only. 

One:Energy green and low carbon transformation action

1. Promote coal consumption substitution, transformation and upgrading. The demand for air compressors in the coal industry chain continues to decline, including coal mining, coal processing and thermal power plants, mainly medium-sized air compressors. From the perspective of China's energy development situation, the coal power industry will completely become the stock market for air compressors.

2. Vigorously develop new energy. Among the new energy sources, biomass power generation and biological natural gas have great demand for compressors, which is a relatively new application market. In biomass power generation, the compressor is mainly used for material transportation and ash removal; In terms of biological natural gas, compressors are mainly used in biological fermentation and natural gas gathering and transportation, and there are biogas compressors.

3. Develop hydropower according to local conditions. With the development of small hydropower, there are two demands for Air Compressors: first, mobile air compressors and fixed air compressors in engineering construction projects; The second is the instrument valve air supply air compressor in the operation of hydropower station.

4. Actively, safely and orderly develop nuclear power.

5. Reasonably regulate oil and gas consumption. It is mainly due to the increased demand for natural gas compressor, coal seam gas compressor and shale gas compressor, including natural gas injection and production, gathering and transportation, gas filling and other links, corresponding to special-purpose compressor equipment.

6. We will accelerate the construction of new power systems. Compressed gas energy storage capacity represented by compressed air and compressed carbon dioxide will rise. Based on the current experiment and preliminary commercialization, it will help to expand the investment in relevant compressor technology and products.

Two:Energy saving, carbon reduction and efficiency enhancement actions

  Implement the policy of giving priority to conservation, improve the dual control system of energy consumption intensity and total amount, strictly control energy consumption intensity, reasonably control the total amount of energy consumption, promote the energy consumption revolution and build an energy-saving society.

1. Comprehensively improve energy-saving management capacity;

2. Implement key projects of energy conservation and carbon reduction;

3. Promote energy conservation and efficiency improvement of key energy consuming equipment;

The above three measures affect and interact with each other to drive the compressor and related application fields to improve the energy efficiency utilization level. The corresponding national policies include the annual national recommendation of industrial energy-saving technology and equipment and the selection of "energy efficiency star", annual industrial energy-saving supervision, special supervision on the energy efficiency of key energy consuming products and equipment, industrial energy-saving diagnostic services, and the elimination catalogue of high energy consuming backward electromechanical equipment (products).

4. We will strengthen energy conservation and carbon reduction in new infrastructure.

Three:Carbon peak action in industry

1. Promote green and low-carbon development in the industrial field;

Green manufacturing starts from the two-stage compression air compressor. The industry has planned to launch the first green manufacturing group standard in the compressor industry next year - Technical Specification for evaluation of green design products - oil injection rotary air compressor for general use. According to the concept of the whole life cycle, the impact on resources caused by various links such as raw material selection, production, sales, use, recycling and treatment is systematically considered in the product design and development stage, Reduce the generation and emission of pollutants and reflect the national requirements for energy conservation and green.

2. Promote the carbon peak of the iron and steel industry;

3. Promote the carbon peak of non-ferrous metal industry;

4. Promote the carbon peak of building materials industry;

5. Promote the carbon peak of petrochemical industry;

6. We will resolutely curb the blind development of "two high" projects.

"Two highs" means high energy consumption and high emission. Including coal power, petrochemical, chemical, iron and steel, non-ferrous metal smelting, building materials and other six industries. From the above 2-6 items, the requirements can be summarized as strictly controlling new projects, eliminating backward production capacity, tapping the potential of energy conservation and emission reduction, capacity integration and orderly production. For compressor equipment, first, the demand for new purchase will be reduced; second, the risk of shutdown of in-service equipment due to shutdown; third, the demand for energy-saving replacement, energy-saving transformation and waste heat recovery will increase; fourth, the market demand is concentrated and the performance and service requirements are higher.

Four:Urban and rural construction carbon peak action

Five:Transportation green and low carbon action

1. Promote the low-carbon transformation of transportation tools and equipment;

2. Build a green and efficient transportation system;

3. Accelerate the construction of green transportation infrastructure;

In the field of transportation, under the guidance of the green and low-carbon idea, there are more and more market opportunities for air compressors and hydrogen production compressors for hydrogen fuel cell vehicles and hydrogen compressors for hydrogen refueling stations. At present, hydrogen fuel cell vehicles are at the forefront of the market. Compared with lithium battery vehicles, there is still a big gap, but at the same time, they also have greater market potential.

six: Circular economy helps reduce carbon

1. Promote the circular development of industrial parks;

2. Strengthen the comprehensive utilization of bulk solid wastes;

3. Improve the resource recycling system;

4. Vigorously promote the reduction and recycling of domestic waste.

In the process of waste power generation, oil-free air compressor plays an important role. The application of compressed air in waste power generation is mainly divided into two parts: process compressed air and instrument compressed air. The rise of waste incineration power plant will have a great demand for air compressor and vacuum pump equipment.

Seven:Green and low carbon science and technology innovation action

1. Improve the innovation system and mechanism;

2. Strengthen the construction of innovation ability and talent training;

3. Strengthen basic research on application;

4. Accelerate the R & D, promotion and application of advanced and applicable technologies;

Carbon dioxide capture, utilization and storage, hydrogen energy technology, high-capacity energy storage and other projects are inseparable from the participation of compressors. There will be new business opportunities in the special and subdivided application fields of compressors. Of course, this also belongs to the field of high-end technology, which requires more large-scale investment, product innovation and technological breakthrough.

Eight: Consolidation and improvement of carbon sequestration capacity

Nine: Green and low carbon national action

Ten: Echelon and orderly carbon peak action in various regions

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