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Collect it! Introduction to winter maintenance of compressed air system


When the cold wave comes, drops of water turn into ice. How to maintain the compressed air system in the severe cold season to avoid or reduce the adverse impact of low temperature on the compressor and its system? Please accept the warm and professional care from gesu air compressor brand, and let us become your personal assistant in cold winter and keep the wind and frost out of the door.

We will teach the following standardized operations:

1、 Ambient temperature control

Take cold proof measures in the air compressor station room to keep the temperature of the station room above zero, and the equipment temperature should be above 2 ℃ before startup; Pipelines and valves installed outdoors shall be protected against freezing, and heating equipment shall be equipped at key positions where conditions permit.

Tip: in low temperature environment, pay attention to the leakage of condensate / cooling water around the equipment to avoid slipping and falling injury of operators caused by icing.

2、 Precautions for winter operation of two-stage compression air compressor

Startup operation

The viscosity of lubricating oil increases at low temperature, which may cause a series of problems. Special attention should be paid to the state of the lubrication system.

Pay attention to the ambient temperature when starting up. If the ambient temperature is lower than the minimum temperature specified in the manual, a heating device shall be equipped.

High viscosity at low temperature will reduce the passing capacity of oil filter, so that the oil volume in the compression chamber of micro oil compressor is small at the initial stage of startup; It is recommended to use the original lubricating oil. It is recommended to appropriately increase the replacement frequency of oil filter in low temperature environment. If the machine is started in low temperature environment after long-term shutdown, the oil filter should be replaced.

Low temperature causes the increase of condensate during operation. Timely analyze the oil and monitor the change of water content.

For the micro oil air compressor supporting the heat recovery system, the oil circuit valve connecting the heat recovery system shall be cut off before startup; After the compressor is loaded normally, open the valve and switch to the heat recovery state.

Check whether the oil level is normal and add lubricating oil if necessary.

For water-cooled units, check the water cooler to ensure that the water path is smooth and free of leakage.

For centrifugal compressors, check the operating current and adjust the maximum load set point if necessary to avoid motor overload damage caused by long-term operation of the equipment in the maximum load state.

Operation after shutdown

After the system is shut down from the high-temperature operation state, a large amount of condensate will be precipitated from the gas in the compression chamber, pipeline and air storage tank in the low-temperature environment. In order to prevent the condensed water from freezing and blocking the system or even freezing and cracking devices in the extremely low temperature environment, the condensed water in the compression chamber, pipeline and air storage tank shall be discharged in time when the system temperature drops to the ambient temperature.

For water-cooled units, if extremely low temperature may exist after shutdown, drain the remaining cooling water in the compressor water cooler and close the water inlet and outlet valves; If necessary, purge with compressed air to avoid expansion and crack of cooling pipe caused by icing.

For oil-free air compressor equipment that has been shut down for a long time, it is recommended to start it once a week.

I hope the above will become your warm baby in winter, free from the cold, and still have excellent performance.

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