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The difference between scroll machine and screw machine


How it works. The vortex machine transfers kinetic energy and pressure by rotating motion of fluid runoff, which is mainly based on kinetic energy conversion principle. The screw machine uses the principle of volume compression to increase the pressure of the fluid by changing the volume. 

Structure. The scroll machine is composed of a stator and a rotor, and a plurality of compression cavities are formed between the rotors. Screw machine is composed of two spiral rotors meshing with each other, mainly through the volume change between the rotors to compress gas. 

Scope of application. Scroll machine is suitable for conveying low viscosity fluids, such as water, sewage, etc. Screw machine is suitable for conveying and compression of high viscosity media, such as asphalt, chemical raw materials, etc. 

Energy consumption. The energy consumption of the scroll machine is relatively low, because the fluid is not subjected to large resistance during rotation; The energy consumption of screw machines is relatively high because its compression process requires more energy consumption.

Maintenance costs. The scroll machine requires almost no lubricating oil and is easier to maintain, but the wear of the scroll disk may require more delicate maintenance. The screw machine requires regular replacement of lubricating oil and maintenance of the rotor, but the structure is relatively simple and the maintenance cost is usually low.

Running noise and vibration. The noise and vibration of the screw machine are relatively low during operation. Vortex machines are generally quieter and have less vibration than screw machines. 

Efficiency. The scroll machine has high efficiency in low flow and medium pressure range. Screw machines usually show high efficiency in the range of medium and high flow and pressure. 

Running noise and vibration. The scroll machine has less noise during operation, which can reduce the impact on the production environment; The screw machine will produce a certain noise during operation.

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