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How to debug single-stage compression variable frequency screw machine


1. Control panel to adjust pressure

Variable frequency screw air compressor is generally equipped with a control panel, through the panel buttons and display screen, you can easily set and adjust the parameters of the compressor. Among them, pressure regulation is one of the common control parameters.

The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Open the control panel and go to the Pressure adjustment menu.

2. Select the pressure value to be adjusted and press the confirm button.

3. After waiting for a period of time, the pressure change will be displayed in real time on the control panel.

4. If you need to adjust the parameters for multiple times, repeat the preceding steps.

It should be noted that the pressure should be set according to actual needs, such as the pressure range required by the production process. At the same time, in order to ensure the safety and stability of the air system, it is also necessary to set the upper and lower limits of pressure to avoid loss caused by exceeding the range.

Second, modify the parameter value to adjust the pressure

In addition to the pressure adjustment through the control panel, the pressure can also be adjusted by modifying the parameter values. This method requires a certain understanding and mastery of the operating parameters of the compressor.

The specific operation process is as follows:

1. Open the Control panel and find the Parameter Settings menu.

2. Find the parameters related to pressure, such as output pressure, upper limit of pressure, lower limit of pressure, etc.

3. Modify the parameter value to reach the expected pressure value.

4. Wait for a while and watch the pressure change.

It should be noted that when modifying parameter values, be careful to avoid setting a pressure that exceeds the range of the compressor. At the same time, the improper modification of some parameter values may affect other performance indicators of the compressor, such as energy consumption and noise.

3. Monitor and protect the compressor

In order to ensure the stable operation and safe work of the variable frequency screw air compressor, necessary measures need to be taken to monitor and protect the pressure. Specific measures are as follows:

1. Install pressure sensors and control devices to monitor pressure changes in real time.

2. Set the upper and lower limits of pressure to limit and protect the pressure.

3. Periodically check and maintain the compressor to ensure that it runs normally.

4. Analyze and optimize energy consumption of compressor to reduce energy consumption and cost.

In short, the pressure regulation of variable frequency screw air compressors is a very important operation, and it is necessary to pay attention to operation skills and related safety issues. Through reasonable operation and monitoring, the precise adjustment and stability control of the pressure can be achieved, thereby improving the efficiency and performance of the compressor.

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