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All In One Screw Air Compressor
  • All In One Screw Air CompressorAll In One Screw Air Compressor
  • All In One Screw Air CompressorAll In One Screw Air Compressor
  • All In One Screw Air CompressorAll In One Screw Air Compressor

All In One Screw Air Compressor

Geso is a global manufacturer and supplier of screw air compressors. The Geso All in one screw air compressor is designed to be compact, easy to move, and plug and play. We have been engaged in air separation system equipment for many years and are committed to the research and production of air compressor systems. We can customize non-standard products and have a good price advantage. Our products cover the world. We look forward to becoming your long-term partner.

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All in one screw air compressor of Geso has low loss, large displacement, high exquisite design and manufacture, reduces the workload of daily maintenance, perfectly replaces the reciprocating air compressor, can realize intelligent remote control, and makes tedious work easily.

Air End

■ Geso air compressor element selection of 40CrA high-quality alloy steel,with wear-resistant and corrosion-resistant and other high-quality performance.

■ Adopting BAES rotor profile developed by BAE Group,the third generation 5:6 asym metric tooth rotor,balanced force during high-speed operation,rotor tangential speed≤35m/s,rotor clearance between the rotors to maintain 0.003INCH,the same power section compressor element can save energy 10-15%.

■ CNC 5-axis rotor grinding machines are used for the production of Geso rotors,and the machining of polyhedra and curved surfaces is automated with high precision

Asynchronous Motors

■ Motor stator using die-casting silicon steel plate,diecasting length in the motor of 20%-40%,significantly improve the performance of the motor.

■ Motor windings with F-class insulation 155 ℃,B-class temperature rise assessment, using IP55 or more protection level.

■ Customized imported SKF bearings to reduce noise and heat.Ensure product reliability

Screw Compressor control and electrical system

■ RS485 communication mode transmission communication,data can be collected to integrate the user's central console to monitor.

■ the intelligent controller to calculate the dynamic adjustment of the control accuracy,to achieve accurate control of the torque.

■ Cell phone,computer real-time display of operating parameters,maintenance remind  ers,energy management, data analysis,etc.

■ using Siemens/ABB and other brands of electrical systems.

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